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A deeper look at how Sud'n'Sol dries its tomatoes

Today’s chefs have rediscovered “forgotten culinary techniques” such as fermenting, smoking, drying and sweet preserves. While these were originally intended as preservation techniques, it’s the flavours that make them so popular now.

All our Sud'nSol products are free of additives or preservatives and 100% pure. Original recipes since 1998.

To prepare our marinated tomatoes, we first dry them in the oven at a low temperature for as long as ten hours. The slow drying process causes some moisture to be lost, but preserves their lovely red hue and other desirable properties. Their sweetness and umami are emphasised. These flavours intensify even further when, after drying, we immerse them in a marinade of garlic and oregano in rapeseed oil.

Drying vegetables or preserving them with sugar allows them to be stored for longer by natural means. It also transforms them into edible delights that will melt in your mouth. Use them in pastas and risottos or enjoy them on bruschetta or toast.

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