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A passion for tomatoes: the very essence of summer!

Freshly processed from our conservatory, without any additives or preservatives. Allergen-free and 100% vegan!

Semi-dried marinated tomatoes: The Sud’n’Sol tomato classic. An indispensable ingredient for any aperitif or antipasto board, in a salad or on a luxury sandwich. Fresh tomatoes are sliced and seasoned and then dried for 10 hours at a low temperature. This gives their flesh a unique texture, with a sublimely concentrated tomato flavour, perfectly balanced by the herbs with which they have been infused.

Semi-dried marinated cherry tomatoes: This version is gaining in popularity thanks to its typical flavour and the numerous ways in which it can be used. Cherry tomatoes are a bit sweeter than regular tomatoes. We offer two variants in oil, and one entirely without oil.

Bruschetta topping of semi-dried

marinated tomatoes: Pure, semi-dried tomato pieces with fine herbs. A genuine flavour bomb! Serve on a Pur Pain Croustini as a delicious snack.

Tomatade: Our widely acclaimed Sud’n’Sol semi-dried marinated tomatoes are the basic ingredient of this tapenade. The tomatoes are crushed, puréed and subtly perfumed with a blend of fresh herbs. Prepared without any additives to guarantee a purely natural product.

  • SNS-0669 Semi-dried marinated tomatoes 1kg

  • SNS-0687 Semi-dried marinated cherry tomatoes 1kg

  • SNS-0685 Bruschetta topping with semi-dried marinated tomatoes 1kg

  • SNS-0670 Semi-dried marinated tomatoes 400g

  • SNS-0682 Semi-dried marinated 100% cherry tomatoes

  • SNS-0653 Tomatade



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