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Back to the roots. Fine Mediterranean food for fine people, with Sud'n'Sol.

We have redesigned our Sud'n'Sol logo and labels to better reflect our products’ artisanal, premium quality. We want to act as your specialist grocer and share our passion for vegetables with you.

Enjoy the pure authentic flavour of Sud’n’Sol’s speciality vegetable and tomato products, prepared in the South of France, home of fresh Mediterranean vegetables. Our products are 100% plant-based, vegan and prepared without additives or preservatives. The result is pure, natural flavour! Only our pestos contain Parmesan or other cheese.

S&S’s tasty culinary delights are suitable as appetisers, condiments or as part of your meal. They are ready to eat (for greater cost savings), easy to use and avoid wasted ingredients.

Our tasty marinades can also be used to add flavour to other dishes. Sud'n'Sol for boundless culinary creativity

Our products fit four broader categories: marinated tomatoes and vegetables, salsas and bruschettas, pestos and sauces, and spreads and hummus.

Want to explore our full range of products? Go to our overview page to discover all our products.

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