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Sud'n'Sol: Obsession for quality!

Only top quality allows to maintain leadership.

“From field to fork”, thoroughness through the whole production chain. All the more important when a decision is made to use fresh products as raw materials.

The organization by activity encourages all our employees to be totally motivated and implicated in the quest of producing every day products which comply with the strictest regulations and specifications. This objective demands a high level of training in hygiene practices and best practices and skills in managing foodstuffs.

A strict protocol of analytic tests is managed by a renowned outside laboratory in addition to regular taste panels to ensure a high level of conformance on a regular basis.

The two productions sites are accredited with the certification IFS Higher Level and BRC grade AA.

To produce in conformance with specifications is a good thing, the more natural, more healthy and the best in the market is even better! Such is the idea behind the “Clean Label” approach for products without preservatives and additives.

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